Whether you are seeking to change career or want clarity on the career options available to you, successful coaching takes place when a good working relationship is formed between the coach and client.

In general, successful coaching has taken place if I have helped you identify the changes you need to make happen in order to achieve your goals, together with formulating an action plan and a commitment to see it through.

For successful coaching to occur, I must at all times be supportive and non-judgmental of your views, lifestyle and aspirations. I must observe, listen and ask questions to understand your situation, and to facilitate your thought process to formulate goals and set actions to achieve them. Constant encouragement must be given to act on the goals you set.

It is important that you view me as someone who can help, but who won’t provide all the answers or solutions.  Goals need to come from you and how they are measured agreed with me.

You know you are ready for coaching if you can enter into the sessions with an open mind and acknowledge that in order for a career change to take place it invariably requires you to change in some way, be it to acquire new skills, change some habits, behaviours or views.

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