Everyday we make many decisions about what to wear, who to meet, what to do in our leisure time and where to go on summer holidays. When we purchase expensive items like houses and cars; making a decision on which one to buy can take considerable time as we need to factor in how much we can spend and assess how well it will meet the needs of our lifestyle.
Those of you who have been involved in planning a wedding will know the amount of time and effort it takes to decide on what you want and the many decisions that need to be made to make it happen.

Yet when it comes to deciding on what we want to do to earn a living most do not take the time to think it fully through and decide what it is we want from work.

Don’t settle for the first job that comes along, any old job won’t do. You have the power to decide what you would like to work at, just like you have the power to decide what to purchase, what to wear and so on. You just need to to go about it in the same way you make the other big decisions in your life. Go after it and make it happen.


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